Lev Designs and MDA Group Partnership

Lev Designs has acquired Murray Duncan Architects (MDA Group) in a celebration of human-centered architecture. 

The partnership will bolster Lev Designs’ residential expertise with MDA Group’s commercial and multi-family footprint—laying the foundation for visually-stunning, community-forward architecture. 


Breaking Architectural Boundaries

Longstanding Expertise

With nearly 50 years of combined experience, the two firms blend legacy and innovation. Every Lev Designs home is meant to be a work of art—and MDA Group offers clear alignment with elegant and ecoconscious multi-family, residential, and commercial buildings.

High Design

Both firms take a cutting-edge approach to architectural design. Post-merger, clients have every opportunity to experience—and influence—the uniqueness of their property. From the earliest sketches, we invite you to weigh in on your project’s soul.

Operational Synergies

Resource sharing doesn’t end with human talent. Lev Designs and MDA Group use the same design software and project collaboration platforms to get each job done right. Now, as a team of 30 people, we will continue to serve our clients efficiently, effectively, and with integrity.

Design at Any Scale

Why compromise between innovation and comfort when you can have both? No matter the scale of your property, we believe every square inch should blend design, functionality, and ambiance. 

Over the course of each project, Lev Designs and MDA Group promise to work synergistically and drive lasting results. Clients continually trust us to uplevel their architectural project quality and speed.

Meet the New MDA Group Leadership Team

Vadim Zanko

Vadim Zanko 

Vadim Zanko founded Lev Designs in 2017 and serves as MDA Group Visionary. He values client and team member relationships in the same way he prioritizes business development and company growth. 

Natalie Hillenbrand 

Natalie Hillenbrand serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of MDA Group and Lev Designs. She has a natural gift for organization, an eye for detail, and a knack for knocking items off her to-do list. 

Max Povar 

Max Povar is Principal Design Visionary at Lev Designs and MDA Group. Inspired by each client’s vision, his goal is to design and build properties that showcase a unique yet consistent style.  

About Lev Designs 

Lev Designs takes a people-first approach, designing luxury custom homes that reflect the client’s needs and personality. The firm is professional yet flexible across architectural styles—leveraging technologies like project management software and BIM to make a lasting impact.

About Murray Duncan Architects 

For 40 years, Murray Duncan Architects was a leader in the commercial and multi-family architectural design space. The firm pushed boundaries by making every project unique—offering an empowering outlook for the new MDA Group leadership team.

Contact Us

For new projects or collaboration requests, please contact  Vadim Zanko, Lev Designs founder and MDA Group Visionary,

[email protected]
[email protected]

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